Loraine Roux

The Loraine Roux brand is deeply rooted in the desire to feed the lifestyle of the elegant, versatile lady on the run, providing her with the inspiration to be the best version of herself.

The Vision

Loraine Roux is built on quality and excellence, drawing inspiration from creative influences both locally and abroad.
The Loraine Roux brand aims to live up to the philosophy of creating feel-good moments in all aspects of my life.

The Mission

A key method to success for the Loraine Roux brand is to partner with suppliers who produce and deliver quality products and services, in accordance to the brand vision.

Just my type

The lead typeface is a fundamental part of the brand’s identity and is the foundation for all print and email communication.

Baskerville Semibold

This font has been chosen due to its strong presence and timeless feel. As well as being a google font to make implementation easy.

Mood board

Loraine herself was highly involved with the mood board process helping me get the design as inline with her vision as possible. This was a major part of the success of creating this brand image that spoke so closely of Her.
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Featured Projects //

Stable Design

2016 | Web Design

Creating a premium collection of South African design online.
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Aidan Bennetts

2016 | Web Portfolio

Crafting a minimalistic interior design portfolio.
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Heart Breaker

2016 | Creative Exploration

Concept illustration that found its way down the rabbit hole.
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