Stable is a premium collection of South African design.

Started in 2013 by Aidan Bennetts with the aim of creating a platform to showcase innovative local design, Stable is host to over 115 local South African design brands.

The Challenge

Make local design more accessible to the public, create a platform for local designers to showcase their talented design pieces that are created to be admired, appreciated and used.

The Mission

Stable, is also committed to helping designers set up their businesses. It’s all about ensuring they are sustainable and can contribute to a growing creative economy. A testing ground to see public reaction to their creations and adjust their production accordingly.

Loraine Roux

2016 | Branding

Establishing a brand with an empowering personality.
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Aidan Bennetts

2016 | Web Portfolio

Crafting a minimalistic interior design portfolio.
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Heart Breaker

2016 | Creative Exploration

Concept illustration that found its way down the rabbit hole.
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